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Established in 2016 by three Qatari co-founders who realized a vision of a new brand for gym wear clothing in Qatar. It is Quake's vision to provide to top shape athletes the look they desire as fashion does not stop at being in your workout and looking great while you are in workout session. Quake reflects the aesthetics of an athlete as well as the shape of your hard-earned body.

Quake is a family built by hard work and dedication to present a clean cut the process of the design and fabrics that are made till it's produced and molded to the new trends of the fashion market related to sportswear.

Quake is an everlasting quality material of clothing that supports the athletes in and out on every day progress of their fitness journey. Our clothings will only last in good condition as well as the story you begin with toward your health and fitness.


We aim to be the brand to shake the gym and sportswear industry. We at Quake will not limit ourselves to gym apparel. Our brand aspires to be one of athletes with a vision for greatness.

Quake's mission is to help you be the best you can be. We will provide you with clothing items and accessories to assist you in your quest to enhance your abilities in time of training.

Together we work for BETTER. STRONGER YOU.

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